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Graceful Becoming

the table is set, you are welcome here.

I am bell-wether table gatherer who finds herself more present with her people enjoying a good meal together. When I began documenting my life #enlacocinadronen and around the table, it was evident that for me life happened with passion around those two spaces. Little did I know I was becoming a woman of the table. Welcome, I am so glad you came.

This space exists to provide you with a companion guide to inviting others to the table by coming alongside you with practical tips, recipes, and words of encouragement.

Tables are places of grace, sacred spaces of sustenance that infuse us with life, and make hospitality a practice in faith.

As you gather around the table prepare to experience life transformation as you gracefully become who you are meant to be. Be encouraged friend, the time invested in community is key in your becoming.

Hola! Daisy here! So glad you came! Let’s get to know each other here!

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Guest Appearances & Features

  • Time to Eat–Daisy shares one of her fondest memories growing up in Honduras and a recipe for Cebollas Rojas Encurtidas.

    Eclectic Shades Magazine (March-April 2019 pg. 48)

  • Daisy Dronen joined the DWITW podcast to share about working through transitions with a new baby and the hospital she works at closing. She has been focused on decluttering and simplifying her life in many areas to make room to breathe.

    Dayton Women in the Word