Ep.002 Mornings,Mercies, and Morning Baskets

Mornings can be a source of tension and stress as a mom period, but throw in homeschooling and it can be a perfect storm. In this episode Rachel and Daisy discuss mornings and how to start the HomeSchool day off on the right foot.

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Topics discussed during this Episode:

  • Daisy’s Confession of Morning Fear [01:33] 
  • Rachel encourages listeners that they hold their family’s rhythm. [08:58]
  • Rachel vulnerably opens up  about a mistake that she would like listeners to avoid. [10:21]
  • Welcome to home school where we eat like hobbits [12:02] 
  • Bonus Tip: Close your kitchen [12:08] 
  • Rachel’s life changing tip for food with kiddos at home  [12:23] 
  • Children can understand the rhythms of their home by getting involved and helping with food preparation [14:16] 
  • Things that helped Rachel’s Mornings [16:33] 
  • 1.Mornings actually need to start the night before [16:55] 
  • 2.Spending time with the Lord [17:54] 
  • Daisy introduces breath prayer [20:28] 
  • The oldest and most well known breath prayer [21:23]
  • Daisy’s morning practice [23:12]
  • Home school rhythm vs. school [22:20]
  • Morning Basket at Rachel’s home [26:04]
  • Morning Baskets is all about being prepared with a little bit of magic  [29:42]
  • Invitation to enter the conversation of vision statements [28:14]

Resources Mentioned:

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Your Mercies are new every morning, great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:23


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