Ep.004 Hope for the Hard Days

   Some homeschooling days are harder than others. Tempers flare, people are hangry, homework is overwhelming.  How do we walk these rocky days with hope, resilience, and grace? Daisy and Rachel discuss the opportunities hiding in the midst of the struggle and practical tips for a hard reset when the Lord’s lesson plan for your day is not what you had on the syllabus. 

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Topics discussed during this Episode:

  • Thank you [01:25] 
  • Keep your eyes pealed for the next giveaway! [01:35]
  • Rachel’s Update [02:12]
  • Daisy’s update [02:50] 
  • good hard [04:52] 
  • send tracing paper [06:55] 
  • Definition of Biblical hope [08:03]
  • Why HopeFull Home School [08:22] 
  • He is our Hope [11:38]
  • Practical Tips for a reset on hard days [11:54]
  • Be a noticer (maybe with photos) be an encourager [14:09]
  • lets do a reset [15:07]
  • Just add water [15:36]
  • List of strategies to help you reset [16:05]
  • Number 1 piece of advice [17:24]
  • Breath Prayer [19:00]

Resources Mentioned:

Now back to you:

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Jesus, my Hope, I trust in you.

breath prayer

Your Mercies are new every morning, great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:23


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