Ep.008 The Value of Play in Home Education

Play, whether it occurs indoors or outdoors, is an integral way that our children experience and learn how to navigate the world in which they live. Daisy and Rachel discuss how play, particularly outdoors, has impacted their families in recent seasons.

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Topics discussed during this Episode:

  • Introducing podcast topic: Outdoor Play [01:22] 
  • Daisy’s Update on life and history of being outdoors [02:07]
  • Fall a good season for being outdoors [04:35]
  • Daisy’s go to for meltdowns [05:05]
  • Outside time to calm down instills great coping mechanisms for us and the kiddos. [06:37]
  • Rachel’s reminds us to know our kiddos cues for going outside or when they need help transitioning [06:47]
  • going on Hikes together models the importance of being outside for our children [07:47]
  • In nature we become students together [08:46] 
  • The heavens declare the glory of God [09:00]
  • Rachel’s update on her hikes with her kiddos [09:38]
  • Learning about the importance of play [15:04] 
  • Using your senses to enjoy nature [16:19]
  • Exercising skills of imagination outside [18:41]
  • Health benefits of being outdoors [22:58]
  • Practical Tip: Stewardship and care of our environment [23:35]
  • Psalm 145:10 (MSG) [24:39]
  • The beauty of our creator is found in play and in nature [25:44]
  • Psalm 8 [27:37]
  • Breath Prayer [28:42]

Resources Mentioned:

The Following are suggestions of how you can incorporate it at home
Just for fun

Now back to you:

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Jesus, the heavens declare your glory, and so do I.

breath prayer

Your Mercies are new every morning, great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:23


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