A HopeFull Advent Playlist

Plus a devotional to stay rooted in Hope.

Are you tired? worn down? Has this year attempted again and again to strip you of hope? Come close; lean in. Let your heart breathe in grace as you rest in the Hope of Glory. He is with you always, you are not alone.

–The HopeFull Anthology Daisy Dronen

Comfort my people, your Hope has come.

Advent is here and with it comes joy and grief. Well, really this whole year has been a compilation of the two. Joy deep in our bones that we know its supernatural and can not be moved yet grief like waves seem to swallow up that joy in pain. Yet somehow we can come up to the surface and breath in His grace and realize joy remains. Music is one of the most beautiful ways I get pushed back up to the surface.

I invite you to join me to listen to play list below exhale the tension and inhale in hope this advent season. Be blessed.

The HopeFull Anthology

A Collection of Advent Prayers

This beautiful Audio devotional was created with you in mind. It is a minimal yet rich and hopefull audio devotional that will help root you into the truth of Advent, this year. You can find more information here on how to get it delivered straight to your inbox. Listen to the heart behind The HopeFull Anthology below.

So, let’s open our hearts to the Hope of Glory,


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