Five Minute Friday

So many goals swirling in my brain. So many dreams wanting to take root. I see them. They give me hope that new things are wanting to break through. This new year I want to take time to hone the craft of writing. Five Minute Friday is a great place for me practice and be encouraged by other writers as I write. I will set the timer for five minutes and then write. Here we go! I am excited to invite you in, welcome.


I dream in color.
I design in my sleep.
I sleep walk awake.
To find I am alive.

The design of my heart
Convoluted at times
Points me straight to
The truth
That I am designed
To love

Love I will
Yet, self love I don’t want
I want instead the designer’s true Love
The one that for me He made
The one that in me he placed

So the gift I receive.
Designed to grow me
And mold me
Into the trueness
Of the Design he dreams for me as I sleep.




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