Discovery on my 40th birthday

Embracing enthusiasm on a quarantine birthday can be hard to imagine.
I never imagined I would turn 40 and not be able to have a big celebration. You see celebrating is one of my favorite things to do. I love the process of preparing for it, creating an atmosphere of joy, and taking care of the tiniest details as I host.

Well, of all the dreams and imaginings I had for beginning my fourth decade of life, it definitely didn’t include celebrating it in a pandemic. Yet, the enthusiasm that surprised me on this day although unexpected, was the balm that my soul needed.. I expected to feel happy, to smile, and find joy in receiving gifts . But as the morning dawned I found that exuberant enthusiasm greeted me surprising me I began to pay attention.

The day could be described as mundane and even normal. There was the bed to be made, books to be read, and kiddos to be fed. And if I hadn’t had the eyes of enthusiasm for new beginnings and new beauty. I would have missed the way the light streamed across the made med, the beauty of discovering new encouragement in the book today, and the way the little ones with light dancing in their eyes fed me.

So, the day became a searching for the glorious in the mundane, the way the snow covered the earth in an ethereal way, creating a diaphanous cathedral under my own two feet. The sun that had been hidden for weeks was now shinning brighter atop the white glittery snow. So, thank you enthusiasm, for coming in unexpectedly and helping me see the good gifts that awaited me in the most unexpected spaces on this highly awaited 40th birthday!

What about you, are feeling like the mundane is devoid of glorious? Maybe its time to let enthusiasm grab hold of an ordinary day and find that actually more is hidden there than meets the eye.


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2 thoughts on “Enthusiasm

  1. KymPossible

    I’m sorry your birthday celebration wasn’t the event that you would have planned if you’d been able to, but so glad that God brought enthusiasm and joy to you anyway. I love the thought of “searching for the glorious in the mundane” and I think we should always be doing that and looking for the everyday ways God blesses us and speaks to us.


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