Five Minute Friday

So many goals swirling in my brain. So many dreams wanting to take root. I see them. They give me hope that new things are wanting to break through. This year I want to take time to hone the craft of writing. Five Minute Friday is a great place for me practice and be encouraged by other writers as I write. I will set the timer for five minutes and then write. Here we go! I am excited to invite you in, welcome.


Spring is a middle that is most notable for the beginning. But the life we see pushing forward to begin its life in the light is not the beginning. The beginning was lonely, dark, and required death. There would be no middle without that, there would be no bud or bloom-the seed had to die first.

So it is with our dreams and lives, our beginnings were dark and unknown and definitely mysterious. Then why is it that we expect then to jump right into the middle? We must acknowledge that we can not have a middle that is lush and full without a beginning that requires complete surrender of our dreams.


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