The Stillness of Breath Prayer

Three ways Breath Prayers Anchor our Prayer Time

“Jesus is always near, about our path by day and our bed by night; nearer then the light by which we see, or the air we breathe; nearer then we are to ourselves; so that not a thought, a sigh, or a tear escapes his notice.”

John Newton

I remember hearing this quote as tear indeed ran down my cheek, smiling because I knew Jesus was noticing it, even then. As my breath prayer practice cemented into my life, this quote became an anchor. To me breath prayer is a way that my soul breathes.

In this practice, we inhale and exhale the Spirit’s presence using a prayerful phrase. Noticing our breath grounds us and connects us as whole beings: soul, mind, and body. This tri-level connection is what I like to call “the stillness of breath prayer.” It is difficult to feel untethered when we are present to our bodies…

One of my favorite ways to practice this has been using the Dawn app. It is a beautiful tool, created by my friend Angie Gibbons ,. This app is key in helping me slow down and be present in prayer.

The rest of the this devotional can be found on the Dawn App Blog. Come and be inspired but most importantly- come see for yourself how implementing breath prayer into your prayer time can anchor you to His peace.


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