Participating in Doing Good to Live Well

The Love Offering Blog Series

The day could be described as mundane, an everyday kind of day. There was the bed to be made, books to be read, and kiddos to be fed. And if I hadn’t had the eyes of enthusiasm for new beginnings and new beauty. I would have missed the way the light streamed across the made bed, the beauty of discovering new encouragement in the book today, and the way the little ones with light dancing in their eyes fed me. I chose to look for the beauty placed strategically for me and participate in the good that was mine to do instead. 

We face these choices day to day. Will we complain or bemoan what could have been using all of our energy there? Leading us then to miss the gift of the good works “which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10) I want to live slow enough to see that He establishes the work of my hands. All of the work of my hands, not just the big and public ones.

The rest of the this devotional can be found on the Love Offering Blog Guest Series, hosted by the lovely Rachael Adams

In this post you will be encouraged to look for the Lord in the mundane moments knowing that He will be found. I also
Come and be inspired but most importantly- come see that He is good, you are called to goodness to live well.


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