Five Minute Friday

pic by the Talented Courtney Patch

Every Friday, I join an online Christian writing community, Five Minute Friday. We are given a one-word prompt and write – unscripted, unedited, pure free-write – for 5 minutes. Five Minute Friday is a great place to hone my writing practice and be encouraged by other writers as I write. I will set the timer for five minutes and then write. Here we go! I am excited to invite you in, welcome.

To Run and To Return

I want to run away from myself 
I want to run from my ability to hurt
To lose my temper, to raise my voice in anger,
and even make the whole room feel tipsy turvy

I want to start over and bring back
The lightness I felt this day held
But I can feel myself resist again

Because I would have to be the one to say, “I’m sorry”
I would have to pull down my walls
And expose my vulnerable heart
Risk getting hurt again

Because even when I apologize
I may never know if their heart is healed
I may never get all of them back again
I may have fractured us even more than I realized

But I realize that when I return
That when I ask for forgiveness
I give way to hope
I cling to it and believe

I believe that I will see
The goodness of the Lord
In the land of the living

“So, return my soul
Don’t run any longer
Pursue my soul

Realize that your love is meant to mend
Your mistakes are meant to draw you in
And shame, it doesn’t get the last word
His redemption and goodness do

Come, heal my soul.”



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2 thoughts on “Realize

  1. aschmeisser

    With God as my witness,
    I live with clearer vision
    on days I seek forgiveness
    rather than permission.
    That’s carried over into life,
    the married kind, I mean.
    I can say, “Sorry!” to my wife,
    and it really doesn’t seem
    to wound my pride and make me flinch,
    because I’ve done it all before,
    give a mile or give an inch,
    but not in huff stalk out the door,
    ’cause I know that almost every time
    the rooted fault’s not hers, but mine.


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