Meet Daisy

I’m a bellwether table-gatherer who loves fresh cut flowers and reading-always reading!

I invite women to join me around the table creating a beautiful space in which to have heart conversations.I have found that this invitation to come around the table nurtures the deepest parts of who we are and allows for us to then invite others in. Here we discover that beholding each other leads to a deeper revelation of who Jesus is and who He says we are – all while enjoying delicious food together. As women, we fear rejection. But around the table, we make room for everyone to feel welcomed and push past our fears as we dive into meaningful conversation.

When I’m not around the table, you will find me with my 2 year old in tow as I dream up a new recipe. All while listening to a podcast or dancing in the kitchen with my 6 and 9 year old. Adventuring with the love of my life is one my greatest pleasures – following Jesus is my #1 pleasure. I was born in Honduras, raised in Texas, but Dayton, Ohio is Home.

A few evenings a week, I turn in my mom cape for a white coat as a Nurse supervisor at a hospital in Dayton. I love to travel, spending time in nature, while always dreaming of more dancing opportunities. This year one of my goals is to use my writing and story to encourage others that their story has a purpose in life.

Come join me for tea; I would love to meet you. You can catch glimpses of my life on IG @daisyfd or email me at


Let’s Meet Over Tea

If we met in real life, I would have you over for tea and shortbread. We would get to know each other through sips of tea and tastes of truth. We would begin with what’s been good, followed by what’s been hard, and end with how we’re grateful for it all. Our time together will be a place where you can inhale His goodness while exhaling anxiety.

The table is set. You are welcome here. Let’s have tea, even if only over email.

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