Wednesday Words

A Book Review

“Now, my little pilgrims, suppose you begin again, not in play, but in earnest, and see how far on you can get before Father comes home.” 

Marmee March

I love reading, I have loved reading from the minute I learned to string words together. I am not sure why I had never read Little Women, but I am so glad I discovered it along side my kiddos! I will forever treasure reading this book together. We reread it this winter and I am so glad that I had Rachel’s new Little Women Devotional. This chapter by chapter companion truly spurred me to begin again as Marmee invites her girls to do. To begin again in a more gentle and slow way for all things. In parenting, to extend grace more earnestly when I just want compliance. In life, to wait with patience when I just want things to get done. In relationships, to wade deeper into uncertain pools as we love each other when I just want comfort and ease.

The beautiful devotions drew out of the chapter a still small voice that invited me to reflect and learn instead of only being entertained. The sweet illustrations added a whimsical feel and helped me imagine myself in the scene. I loved showing the pictures to the kiddos and they made sure I didn’t forget. The prayer that Rachel offers at the end of each devotional without fail touched on a need or a struggle we were facing that day.

I may or may not have cried as I read the devotionals. The last one was so sweet and encouraged me so much in motherhood. The kiddos all came around and hugged me when my voice cracked reading about the fruit of Marmee’s investment in her children. I believe reading this devotional together with my children not only strengthened our bond but also gave us more insight into how we can love each other better.

I hope you pick up this beautiful devotional and share one with a friend or daughter it will bless you immensely. This devotional will strengthen your faith and will also help you navigate suffering, and even discontentment with a right view of yourself and God.

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Lingering in the Brilliance of Easter

Eastertide is the period of 50 days, spanning from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday. It is celebrated as a single joyful feast, called the “great Lord’s Day”. I have never thought of Easter as the beginning day of a feast. It always seemed to be the culmination but as I have wanted to linger in the brilliance of Easter this year, I have discovered that actually we are meant to not just linger but also feast. The following are some passages that have helped meditate on the events that unfolded after Jesus rose from the dead.

Then I discovered that the week after Easter is called Bright Week and I couldn’t get enough of it! Bright Week is the period of seven days from Easter Sunday through to the following Saturday (Easter Saturday or Bright Saturday). I loved following along on the daily readings here.

Below is a list of Encounters with Jesus after He rose again. I have linked some back to my IG posts during Bright Week.

  1. Jesus appears to Mary and Mary Magdalene

2.appears to his disciples through locked doors

3.The road to Emmaus

4.the breakfast on the beach (last recorded miracle) One of my favorite moments from the life of Jesus to serve the disciples breakfast after they have been fishing all night. This leads to the beautiful way Peter is assured of God’s love.

5.Peter reinstated three times Peter denies Jesus and three times Jesus asks Peter, “Do you love me?” so heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

6.The great commission Although these last two didn’t take place during the week after the resurrection, I want to be reminded that these are important to the way Jesus communed with his disciples after he rose again. They also take place during Eastertide.

7The ascension He will come back again the same way He went up to heaven. Amen, come soon Lord Jesus.

May He dwell with you and you with Him the rest of the year in Grace.

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Do Not Fear: No Tengas Miedo

A Spanish Advent Devotional

Cinco meditaciones que te invitan a caminar con fe en medio de la incertidumbre. Estas personas como tú y como yo con problemas y afanes de esta vida tuvieron temor y circunstancias incontrolables. En este año hemos vivido con el temor tan cerca como si fuera vecino. No solamente por la pandemia que haraza por el mundo aunque en gran manera tiene mucho que ver. Pero, porque la vida no para porque hay una pandemia aún siguen los afanes de la vida y al no ver salida queremos temer. Pero, estos ejemplos encontrados en el acontecimiento de la Natividad nos invitan a dejar ir el temor y a fijar nuestros ojos en Jesus nuestra verdadera esperanza. Ven te invito a meditar en la fidelidad de Jesus hacia estas personas que vivieron y tomaron parte en su nacimiento. Pero su fidelidad no se extiende solamente a ellos también llega hasta ti ahora y seguirá hasta su segundo regreso. Amen, si ven pronto Senor Jesus! Continua leyéndooslos aqui. Find the rest here.

If you know a friend who speaks Spanish forward this to them and bless them this advent season. Friends, if you speak English I also created an English devotional, The HopeFull Anthology: A Collection of Advent Prayers. Find all the information here.