Show Notes

Ep.009 A HopeFull Farewell

Farewells can be hard but they can also be hopefull encounters that help us prepare for new beginnings. This small offering from our hearts to you was a labor of love. Although we must say goodbye for now we trust that you are not alone and so we bless you today in love.  Subscribe: Apple […]

Ep.008 The Value of Play in Home Education

Play, whether it occurs indoors or outdoors, is an integral way that our children experience and learn how to navigate the world in which they live. Daisy and Rachel discuss how play, particularly outdoors, has impacted their families in recent seasons. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts|Spotify |Breaker |Pocket Casts |Radio Public|Overcast| Topics discussed during this Episode: Introducing […]

Ep.007 The Surprise Ending of Setting Down the Books

 Setting down the schoolbooks, throwing out the schedule, yielding control, and giving children ownership over their education and lives, can result in some absolutely lovely surprises and heavenly reminders.  Subscribe: Apple Podcasts|Spotify |Breaker |Pocket Casts |Radio Public|Overcast| Topics discussed during this Episode: Introducing podcast topic: What we learned [00:45]  Rachel’s reflection and a change of […]

Bonus Episode: Middle of the Night Musings: Here’s What I know.

When all the Things converge–a bad mood, a lack of sleep, a dog that vomits, children who didn’t do their homework–Rachel rises (though, not by choice) in the middle of the night to muse and meet with the Lord, reminding herself (and hopefully, you) that you are never alone.  Subscribe: Apple Podcasts|Spotify |Breaker |Pocket Casts […]

Ep.006 Taking Time For Reflection

   This week, we take a moment to reflect on the past few weeks of homeschooling, on lessons learned, and on the value of considering what we can put down. As we move “further up and further in” to the academic year, we encourage homeschooling parents to take time to sit with some reflective questions, alongside […]

Your Hosts

Meet Rachel

Rachel Califf wants to live in a world where wisdom, kindness, and liberty are the order of the day, cold brew coffee is free, there is endless time for cuddling her children, and “busy” is stricken from the dictionary.

When she’s not homeschooling, maxing out her library card, snuggling with her husband, or planning her future mini-farm, you can find her sending lengthy polos to her besties while hiding in her car.

Her favorite Hope Filled Scripture is John 3:16.

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Meet Daisy

Daisy wants to live in a world where peony bouquets are an accessory, the art of handwritten notes is restored, and every afternoon is spent with a cup of tea and great shortbread. One of her favorite passages of Scripture is Psalm 27:13-14.

When she’s not raising her three littles, she is dating the love of her life, cooking, and gathering others around her table. Creating real community makes her heart beat wildly, because she believes that we know Jesus more intimately when we know each other well.

Her favorite Hope Filled Scripture is Psalm 27:13-14.

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