A poem from the depths of my soul for the depth of my soul


The pain cuts deep
The way you feel after
The way your heart beats faster
The way your dreams attack as you sleep

You feel it
The way their eyes turn from you cold
Burning deep holes in to your soul
You withhold as your cheeks freeze with heat.

It’s all twisted and misunderstood
You know what they think
And their silence you must drink
But your heart is breaking splintering like wood.

The disappoint
The same place you’ve visited before
This time though you feel the remorse
To find yourself again at this end point

No, this time it will be different
You may have not been eloquent
But your heart is pure
You will continue to fight for justice

This time you will not disappoint yourself
This time you will not look for their approval
You will find sure footing in his call
To come to walk with Him

To seek justice, to love mercy
And walk humbly with your God.
At the end of life
This remains, what did you do with His call.?




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